August 12th, 2019: Cooler Temperatures and Drier Air! Darn, it’s Still 92…

High pressure builds into the region, bringing lower dew points and lower precipitation chances. Heat Indexes are still dangerously high, albeit cooler than over the weekend.

Tropical Tidbits/ Levi Cowan/
Tropical Tidbits/ Levi Cowan/



  • Highs will be much cooler than over the weekend. Many areas were in the upper 90s Saturday, but on Monday mid 80s to mid 90s are expected
  • Coolest areas will be around the lakes (around 90), the immediate coast (83-87), and the far northern Low Country (89-91)
  • Most of the Low Country will be in the lower 90s for the afternoon.
  • Morning temperatures will range from near 80 at the coast, to the mid 70s well inland.

Precipitation/Cloud Cover:

  • Chances of precipitation are lower than Sunday.
  • Peak POPs are around 30% along the intracoastal. Storm mode will be isolated along the seabreeze. CIN should not be an issue during the day, but sinking air and dry mid levels will limit convection. Surface CAPE is respectable however, and storms that do develop have a chance to support strong winds and lightning.
  • The day will consist of thin high clouds across the region and slowly increasing convective clouds

Heat Index/Humidity:

  • Heat Indexes will remain above 100 degrees over a large portion of the Low Country.
  • Highest heat indexes will be in the mid afternoon across Beaufort and Jasper Counties (especially the latter).
  • The immediate coast and northern zones will have much cooler feeling air than yesterday. Cape Romain will be coolest location during peak diurnal heating. Real temps will be in the lower 80s and the heat index will be in the mid-lower 90s.
  • Model soundings across the forecast area indicate surface dew points around 70 degrees during the day and 75 in the morning.
  • In the mid levels there is much drier air (40-50%RH) that should limit strong convection


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