August 9th, 2019: Real Temps Rise to Weekly Peak

Typical summer pattern persists, down-slope flow from SW Monsoon will lower the humidity and raise the actual temperatures. Heat indexes will reach 108 degrees in some spots.

8-9-19 TI


Temperatures in the morning on Friday will be very mild with inland locations only reaching the mid-upper 70s. The coast may stay above 80 degrees all night long, and barrier islands will bottom out at 80-82 degrees. A trough is currently sitting to the northwest of the Low Country, and the Bermuda/Atlantic High is offshore to the SE. This should lead to westerly and southwesterly winds for much of the day. Inland air will be slightly less humid, but it will also be much warmer. Temperatures may reach 100 in some inland spots in Allendale, Bamburg, and Orangeburg counties. Elsewhere, upper 90s are expected. Dew points will be in the lower 70s and potentially upper 60s if we are lucky, but heat index temperatures will remain in the 100s. Some locations in the southern intracoastal will approach 109-110 degrees (real feel). Even the coolest areas will have extreme heat indexes. Since this is generally close to the warmest time of year, heat indexes must be above 110 degrees for a heat advisory.

Preciptation is unlikely, but some isolated storms will form along the seabreeze. The seabreeze will stay close to the coast for much of the afternoon, so inland areas shouldn't expect rain. High clouds composed of cirrus will stream across the area for most of the day, which will moderate temperatures by a couple of degrees.

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