July 28, 2019: Heat Seeps Back and Tropics Wake Up

Perfect July Weekend In Progress. Humidity Sneaks Back In

July 28, 2019 Title Image

Sunday should be more of the same, with high clouds leading to mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures around 90 degrees inland and mid-upper 80s near the coast. The Low Country will not have rain on Sunday due to a moderately capped atmosphere and PWAT values much drier than normal for July. Everyone should make sure to spend time outside Sunday, it will be the last day for a while (possibly until autumn) where the heat index is no higher than 90-91 degrees.

Verification of Saturday's forecast confirmed that temperatures were generally cooler than forecast (probably due to more cloud cover). Since Sunday will probably have high clouds most of the day as well, I've kept temperatures down a few degrees.

Severe weather is not expected in the coming week and even thunderstorms will be hard to come by until late week. Humidity and dew points are steadily rising however, and most areas will begin to feel uncomfortable again by Wednesday.

The tropics are beginning to wake up for the first time this year, but no storms are expected to form in the next five days. There are multiple tropical waves across the Main Development Region of the Atlantic (west of Africa, east of the Caribbean, and in the tropics) that are more robust than usual for July. One or two of these may develop in the next couple of weeks as they travel west. August is just three days away, and marks one of the three months of peak Hurricane Season.

*Use the National Weather Service and The National Hurricane Center for official decisions*

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